Transformational Therapy

Morganne Baum, M.S.W.

I believe that change is possible in direct proportion
to the desire for change and willingness to do so. 

Counseling with a holistic approach - connecting mind and body

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Adolescents
Intimacy and Sexual Issues
Non-Traditional Family Lifestyles
Chronic Illness
Fibromyalgia and other "invisible" disabilities
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Eating Disorders
Addictive Behaviors

Behavior Modification ~ Cognitive Therapy ~ Therapeutic Breathwork
Hypnotherapy ~ Meditation ~ Emotional Freedom Technique
Couples Facilitation ~ Life Coaching ~ Spiritual Counseling 

I work with individuals, couples, families and groups; all age; all genders and sexual orientations; and all alternative lifestyle choices as well (including Polyamory).  I look forward to helping you make the transformation in your life that you desire.

CONTACT ME:   (702) 249-8973

~  Sessions held in the Las Vegas, NV area
~  Telephone & Internet (Skype) sessions also available 
References provided if requested 

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